The winter 7 (3) issue of the Rast Musicology Journal was published. The publication of the articles of the winter issue began in December 2019 and was completed with the last articles published in January and February 2020. Thus, the winter issue was completed on February 2, 2020. This issue contains the studies of valuable authors.

The first article is presented to the readers under the title of “Peyk-i Safâ saz semaisi’nin klasik kemençe ve viyolonsel ile icrası bağlamında incelenmesi” [“Investigation of the Peyk-i Safâ saz semai within the context of its performance with the classical kemenche and the cello”] under the co-authorship of Gamze Nevra Köroğlu and Arda Taşpınar. Read More

Published: 2020-02-02