Performance features of Shovkat Alakbarova in the Fuzuli’s cantata of Dj.Djahangirov

  • Kamalya Guliyeva Baku Muzik Akademisi
Keywords: sanatçı, şarkı, musiki, üslup, tür


Extended Abstract

Outstanding Artist of Azerbaijan, singer Shovkat Alakbarova is one of the splendid figures who has a special place in Azerbaijan music culture particularly in the second part of the XX century. The investigation of Shovkat Alakbarova’s rich creativity in her art life is very important. Sh. Alakbarova’s creativity consists several aspects; her role in the development of Azerbaijani vocal singing as a singer, her concerts and pedagogue activities, her specific style in the performance of mugam, folk music, composing songs are the aspects that characterize the singer. In this article Sh.Alakbarova’s performance style is analyzed in the development context of folk and variety art music culture. Particularly, the basic of the features of Fuzuli’s cantata of Dj.Djahangırov is analyzed.

Additionally, Sh.Alakbarova’s repertoire was researched, the main directions of her performance style were determined and the important role of her multicolored creativity in the development of Azerbaijan music culture was taken up in this study.

In this article, the performance features of Shovkat Alakbarova in the Fuzuli’s cantata of Dj.Djangirov is analyzed and an in-depth analyses of Fuzuli’s cantata is addressed.

The cantata consists of three parts and Sh.Alakbarova has singed the second part. Some principles of development and richness of musical language have been also analyzed in the Fuzuli’s cantata.

In the article, the study of Sh.Alakbarova’s creativity in the development context of Azerbaijan music culture and main directions of singer’s creativity were assessed in several ways. Thus, in the article the unity of folk and variety style in Sh.Alakbarova’s creativity, the study problems of performance features of folk songs, mugams, rugby-mugams, composer songs and different vocal works were especially illuminated.

Sh.Alakbarova created new direction in Azerbaijan music culture with her unusual style and entered music culture history as a master having wide creativity. Her creativity is closely connected with the traditions of Azerbaijan singing art.

One of the main contributions of Sh.Alakbarova is about folk music. She gave new life to folk songs with her unique performance. While performing lyric folk songs, she has been loyal to Azerbaijan’s traditional style, as she had sung mugam previously. Singer’s performing folk songs, giving new birth to ancient folk songs, bringing them to variety artful interpretations created a new style in this area. The main aspects of folk songs performance consist of simple and sincere style, maximum closeness to people’s language and unity of features of folk music and variety art style.

It must be noted that, Sh.Alakbarova maintained her unique singing style in her performances. Singer was accompanied by folk instrumental ensemble. Though Alakbarova was a singer representing Eastern singing traditions, some with the accompany of symphonic orchestra were preserved. Obviously, singer’s style must be taken into consideration to conclude this study. Consequently, her modernization efforts of traditional folk songs are noticeable.

Sh.Alakbarova’s repertoire was compiled with taste, and well-thought. Her repertoire consists of folk songs, mugams, variety art songs, classical romances.

Sh.Alakbarova’s repertoire contains various genres such as composers’ lyric, march, waltz, funny song genres, labor songs, ceremony songs, romances. Sh.Alakbarova was the first and a splendid singer of which most songs created at the second part of the XX century.

singer, song, music, style, performance, shovkat alakbarova


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