Extended Abstract

Ismayil Hajibayov’s “Divertisment” (pages from Vatto album) is of special importance in artistic creativity of the composer, and Azerbaijani music in many decades.

In his work, Ismayil Hajibayov achieved synthesis of theatre and music. It should be noted that such small sketches which have already been known since 16th -17th centuries and theatre-music integrity increase its importance. Another important aspect of this piece that, was created by synthesizing afore mentioned phenomenons and all art types as of 20th – 21st centuries. For example, it is very interesting to see that the composer’s scenario as well as the performer’s staging in the work expresses their artistic perceptions in instrumental theatre genre. In general, instrumental tools turn into the personage in this work.

The composer who adopted instrumental theatre genre as synthetic genre includes synthesis of art branches into Azerbaijani music. Together with music, dramatizing of performance proses, improvisations of the performer (trombone) in the scene, i.e. In this respect, this performance style, is thought as an instrumental theatre. It is also called “action-music”.

The composer could perfectly express the synthetic character of instrumental theatre genre in this work. This genre was suitable for the author, because, instrumental theatre allows to extend the sense sphere of the work. This genre is also suitable for performers, because, it allowed them to express their artistic skills (both conductor and performers).

“Pages from Vatto album” was created by Ismayol Hajibayov based on neoclassicism traditions and revives some traditions of instrumental music of baroque times. The reviewed chain consists of two parts (Vivace and Presto) and these parts of form a small suite. Such internal formation of the work is noteworthy, therefore, such formation reveals the style of the Azerbaijani composer, as well as, reflects his musical tendencies. After Vatto I. Hajibayov revives the music style of the distant past which is full of elegance and fineness, grace and nobleness.

In this context, each part of chain is a model in itself. Hence, it relates with any genre and corresponding form. Additionally, it is related with aforementioned forms that were arisen in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Polytonality prevails in melodic style in key thinking of the work. Melody of the composer formed in polytonality of major and minor keys. We observe this feature in melodic style of the work. It should be mentioned that Hajibayov’s poly-systematic thinking is his most striking feature.

Orchestra style demonstrated by Ismayil Hajibayov in his “Divertisment” – is very swift, dynamic and very emotional. The idea of making dynamic the music form expresses itself as a main style feature in composer’s work and confirms the conformity of the work that we analyse. The idea making dynamic of the work influenced all branches of music parlance and particularly in the style of orchestra. Strengthening the role of orchestra variations is of great importance in dramatic development of the work.

To form the orchestra improvement on the variation method is very characteristic for Ismayil Hajibayov. This development principle that is reflected in the present work of composer is characterized absolutely with timbre (coloristic) and texture variation, also reveals polyphonic feature of orchestra thinking of the composer. This line is a continuance of the styles of D. Shostakovich, G. Garayev and it should be mentioned that, if Hajibayov refers to variation in his “Divertsment” work, he makes it subordinate to polyphonic improvement (ostinato polyphony).

It appears that Ismayil Hajibayov who achieved perfection on the basis of classic music mastered these progressive traditions in his creativity. Orchestra style of composer is a peak achievement of world music, stimulated the following development of Azerbaijani music culture.
It also appears from analysis of music in “Divertisment” that any style and any system is not only a tool in the hands of talented Maestr, but also is a brilliant sample for elevating him to higher ideas. This music greatly influences the audience. The integrity of ideal, deep and detailed-thinking of the work, complexity of emotional and philosophical world is worked with finesse.

It should also be noted that not only the form, but also, music parlance, texture, pure technical approaches and interpretation of the work are perfect. The strict and exigent taste, exigency to the tiniest details of this great Maestro allowed him to create a new masterpiece in the instrumental music field.
Idiosyncratic world sense of Hajibayov who is in the range of leading composers of 20th centuries. Creativity and perceiving its rules were in harmonic unity in composer’s mind. Thought expressed in his creative activities are of great importance from the worldwide standpoint (especially in the last decades).

Writing the “Divertisment” having exceptional place in Ismayil Hacibayov’s creative activity for the orchestra with camera staff by reflecting the discrepancies of modern time, its closeness to classic symphonic chain should be mentioned. However, language-style, artistic expressiveness of the work is quite new for Azerbaijan national composer’s school, opened an extraordinary stage in its future.

It should be concluded that Azerbaijani musical art was always connected with the flow of world processes especially with the advanced development of European countries. Tendency to derive advantage from human culture and join its cultural aspects with other cultures , have always been the leading idea of Azerbaijani art.

Finally, it should be also noted that “Divertisment” work of Ismayil Hajibayov is decent and has a brilliant place in the world music.

composer, divertissement, neoclassicism, dance, variation development