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  1. The Author (s) with signature shall assign all rights, title and earnings of the work to the Publisher, including copyrights arising from the expression of it by any method which is not known or will be developed later, including electronic format. If the Publisher does not print within six (6) months from the Validation Date, the copyright is reissued to the Author (s). The Publisher undertakes to always respect the Author (s) as the Author (s) of the Work.
  2. The said Publisher gives the Author (s) the royalty-free, limited rights provided to the Author (s) provided that the work is first promised by the Publisher:
  3. The right to reproduce and distribute all or part of the Works in order to use them in education;
  4. The right to use all or part of the materials contained in the work in a book written by the Author or in a compilation of the works of the Author;
  5. The right to use and distribute the work within the place where the author works, for any purpose of publicity and non-commercial;
  6. The right to use the figures and tables contained in the work for any purpose;
  7. The right to make oral presentations from the material contained in the work;
  8. These rights will be valid by the Journal of Rast Musicology within thirty (30) days from the first edition of the work.
  9. The author (s) hereby accepts and warrants that:
  10. The work is the original work of the author and the author (s) has full authority to enter into this agreement;
  11. The work did not infringe another person's copyright and property rights;
  12. The work does not contain defamatory, offensive content, slander, or infringe on another's civil rights, the right to privacy, or in other words:
  13. They have seen and approved the work before the publication.
  14. The work has not been published elsewhere and has not been submitted for publication.
  15. I hereby acknowledge and undertake the transfer of all kinds of transmission rights, including processing, reproduction, representation, printing, publication, distribution and transmission via Internet, to the Rast Musicology Journal for unlimited use, in particular on the work.
  16. However, the author (s) has the right to reproduce, post, or distribute the article.
  17. As the author responsible, I undertake that the ’Rast Musicology Journal and Magazine Editors‘ have no responsibility for any claim or claim filed by third parties due to copyright infringement, and that all responsibility belongs to me as a Responsible Author.
  18. In addition, I declare that there are no criminal offenses or unlawful statements in the article, that I do not use any unlawful materials and methods when conducting the research, that I have obtained all legal permits regarding the work and that I act in accordance with the code of ethics.
  19. The work has not been published, in whole or in part, except: ___________________________________________________________________________ The Author (s) shall not indemnify or hold the Publisher responsible for any damages or expenses arising from the validity or breach of these guarantees.


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